Sleep Deprivation, and the madness which follows

God, I’d love a cold beer right now. But I’ve got my seventh cup of hot coffee, so that’ll just have to do.

For the third time in two weeks, I made the conscious decision to Ride it Out and stay awake all night in order to sort out my horrendous sleeping pattern once and for all. It didn’t work last time, or the time before that but third time lucky and all that. Failing so, fourth time the charm?

it’s 16:53 as I write THIS word and after a short accidental nap, I’m up and riding out the turbulent waves of Sleep Deprivation yet again. It gets to a point where you accept the madness, the microsleeps, the dosings off and realise ‘This is happening, neck your fucking coffee, scribble your words, pen your sketches blah blah blah zzzzzzz’

Like many other creatives (Or so I assume, who the hell am I to judge?) I find that the hours between midnight and 4am are the most inspiring of times, when the creative juices flow wildly, the midnight oil is sizzling and popping in its lamp and the thought of sleep sickens you. There’s just too much to do. “Why didn’t I write that chapter earlier?” you’ll say to yourself as you glare at your ceiling, checking out your laptop and grabbing your notebook to jot down the idea before it fades away.

Now, I am almost positive this has everything to do with going batshit crazy. Certified insane (or at least will ultimately lead to just that) because like most people, you have work in the morning and it’s too late to get everything done now. You did this last night, and the night before that. Last Tuesday you got a good night sleep, but apart from that, every night has been late (or early) and every morning has been Early (or…late). and it’ll happen again and again. It’s a vicious circle. Work will be a drag. If you’re lucky you won’t doze off mid-conversation with your boss or on the phone to a client (I did this-I’m not ashamed), hell, if down to some miracle you don’t fall asleep on the tube or crash your car on the way in – you’re doing pretty fucking good I’ll say. Don’t let that madness take over, keep it at bay with a flaming torch and Pro Plus, and when the time comes, spark a joint and fall the fuck asleep like a normal person-

-Just to do it all over again.

That’s all.




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