Musings on Motivation

Motivation has always been a fickle beast for creatives everywhere. It can determine the difference between a successful night of getting shit done and hours of resentment.

For me, all day I will dream of getting home, opening up my laptop and getting down and dirty with words. The drive home I’ll imagine pouring a cup of coffee, underlining ‘To Do” on my notepad and penning some scribbles on my venture for the evening.

I get home

And I do everything but that.

Instead, I will tidy my workspace so that it inspires me, clean up around my workspace and maybe read a chapter of whatever is on my nightstand (Terry Pratchett – Guards! Guards! if you were curious). Occasionally I’ll unplug my laptop completely and sit in the corner. As it goes, this is happening as I write this. I have positively moved away from my workspace which I intricately designed to bring out all of my inner musings and imaginative thoughts. Right now I’m perched on my bed, looking at my desk, littered with papers and books and open books and papers. Pens and pencils, half finished sketches and cigarette packets

Now, I think the problem lies with the subject. Personally, everything interests me. The mere sight of an old Victorian building makes me wonder how the architects sat and designed these humble abodes – Where did they design them? who designed the houses they sat in? Walking into a library somewhat overwhelms my senses as I try and picture the billions of words stacked up on the shelves.  It isn’t that we don’t have it in us to get stuff done, but trying to figure out what it is we want to focus on, attempting to nail down our next project (this assignment, for example, is my project for the evening). This could be down to my shitty attention span, maybe.. But something tells me it isn’t. And I believe that something speaks volumes of truth.

I think the trick is, and in a way, this works for me – is to just get it straight out there as and when the idea comes about, don’t fuck about with thinking about it later, don’t imagine sitting at your desk with your Lattè and getting that poem out or planning out your sketch. Go for it. It worked for me tonight, and I hope it works again and again. That Novel won’t write it’s self, so get to it.

I believe in you –



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